Badlands Has Everything You Need On The Property


We know that when a family decides to spend their day or weekend at the Badlands they don't want to be bothered with having to leave for anything. That's why we have everything you need from fully equipped houses, units for rent, food, showers, drinks, clothes and gear. Once your here you can focus on whats in front of you and not what you may have forgot or need!



Food Shack

The Badlands Food Shack is always stocked and ready for you and your family to refuel after a day of riding. Enjoy ice cold drinks and everything from Hot Dogs to Hamburgers all cooked on site on an actual grill and not just warmed up in a microwave.

*Food Shack is available on weekends and special events only



Private Showers on Site


After your day of riding the last thing you want to do is fight over the mess in the car on the way home. That's why we have 100% private single person showers that are 15ft. deep so you can undress and shower behind a locked door in a private room. With 6 private showers available the wait times are not even an issue.


Full Size MX Track


Are you more of a racer than a trail runner? No problem! We have a full size MX track that has had some of the top names in the industry on it. Considered one of the best outdoor all natural tracks in the Midwest you will be sure to polish your racing skills during your stay.