Frequently Asked Questions

What are your rates for entrance to the Badlands Off Road Park?

Drivers (12 and Older)  The following rates are for consecutive days of riding/driving (Rates are per driver, not per vehicle)

  • One Day = $25
  • Two Days = $45
  • Three Days = $60
  • Four or more Days = $70

Drivers (6-11)  The following rates are for consecutive days of riding/driving (Rates are per driver, not per vehicle)

  • One Day = $20
  • Two Days = $35
  • Three Days = $50
  • Four or more Days = $60


  • 12 and Older = $10 per day
  • 6-11 = $5 per day

   *Note: Passengers may drive as long as there is a Driver in the vehicle.

Children 5 and Under (Drivers & Passengers) = FREE

Do you rent ATVs, UTVs or motorcycles?

Rentals are available at The Badlands through our partner, Adventure Rentals. The following Polaris machines are available for rental: RS1, S 1000, XP 1000 2 Seater, XP 1000 4 Seater, Pro 2 Seater, and Pro 4 Seater. (ATVs and Motorcycles are not available.) You must be 21 or older with a valid drivers license to rent and 18 or older with a valid drivers license to operate. A security deposit ($1,500) is required for each machine to be applied toward any damages that occur to the machine up to $1,500. Reservations are highly recommended to assure machines are available and ready for you on your day of riding. For more information on machines and pricing, check out our rentals page. To reserve a machine, call us at 765-762-2981 and ask for Adventure Rentals.

How old do you have to be to ride at The Badlands?

You can be any age to enter and ride at The Badlands. We encourage drivers to follow the age restrictions for their specific vehicle.

What forms are required (for adults and minors) and do parents have to be present on site?

  • Adults (18 years of age and over) - Everyone (driver/rider/passenger) must sign a waiver and show a valid ID at time of check-in.
  • Minors (under 18 years of age) accompanied by a parent/legal guardian – Waiver can be completed and signed on-site at the time of check-in.
  • Minors (under 18 years of age) NOT accompanied by a parent/legal guardian – Notarized minor forms (available on web site) must be submitted at the time of check-in.

What are your hours?

  • Regular hours - 9 am to 5 pm daily.
  • April 1st through November 7th (2020) - Friday, Saturday & Sunday hours are extended to 7 pm.

Do you allow buggies or sand rails?

No. Buggies and sand rails are not allowed in our park. A sand rail is defined as a machine powered by a car motor that is not a car, i.e. a tubular roll cage with a VW motor is not allowed. We do allow small carts such as Honda Odysseys, Pilots, Carter Go Karts and similar karts. Flags and helmets required.

Are helmets and flags required?

Helmets are required for all drivers and riders of ATVs and Bikes. Helmets are also required for Minors (under the age of 18) driving or riding in a Side x Side. Helmets are not required if you are driving or riding in a street-like vehicle, i.e. SUVs or if you are 18 or older in a Side x Side.

Orange Flags are required for all machines and vehicles except dirt bikes. Flags must fly 2 feet higher than the highest point of your machine and with ATVs, 2 feet higher than the person while standing on the foot pegs. 

*Flags are for sale in our Pro Shop.

Do you rent helmets?

Yes. The cost is $20/day with a $60.00 deposit.

Do you allow alcohol in your park?

No. Absolutely no alcohol is allowed in our park. Drinking and riding or driving high-performance vehicles just don't mix!

Does everyone have to sign in at the office?

Yes. Every person who enters the park must come into the office and sign-in. This even includes someone that is not going to ride and is only going to be a spectator. Even children who come with their parents must sign in. If you are over 18 you need to present a valid photo ID.

The rules state that you need a roll cage. Do I need a roll cage for my stock truck or SUV?

If you have removed the roof or modified it structurally in any way you must have a roll cage.

Do I need insurance to ride in the park?

We do not require insurance to ride at The Badlands but you would be wise to consider it for your own protection. You are as responsible here, as if you were driving on the road, and hit someone.

I have a stock vehicle, are there places in the park for me to ride?

The park has trails for all levels of 4-wheeling, from very easy to very hard. A stock vehicle will have plenty of areas to ride.

Do you have an easy area for beginners, for someone who is learning to ride an ATV or Side by Side?

Yes, there are areas where a beginner can practice and learn to ride their vehicle.

Is it necessary to have stock exhaust?

No, but we encourage the use of quiet exhaust systems.